Llama butt scratch farting with joy

Emlee llama LOVES to get her butt scratched. While I was filming the funny thing she does with her mouth when I scratch her, she let out multiple farts which is hilarious! 

P.S. Notice she like other ruminants does not have upper teeth in the front, only lower, so I am not lying when I say she can't bite you if you are feeding her 

Another funny llama butt scratch reaction

My friends Deborah/Larry brought out their French Bulldog Dexter to meet the llamas and caught this cute moment.

Current family as of 5/2019:


Deke (Sable goat) DOB 4/16/19

Daffodil (Sable goat) DOB 4/17/19

Zola (farm dog)) DOB 7/2014

Dotty (Nubian goat - black/white spotted) DOB 1/29/14

Jenny Jeep Sheep (Suffolk cross)  DOB 4/26/2014

Dodge Ram (rare breed Jacob sheep) DOB 2/2/2013

Gilmore (Nubian goat - red/white spotted) DOB 4/29/12

Serenity (Sable goat) DOB 3/6/09

Gulliver (Pygmy goat) DOB 5/1/07

Snicklefritz (tabby male cat) DOB 4/07

Emlee (white/tan spotted Llama) DOB 5/23/05

Choco (chocolate brown Llama) DOB 10/1/04

Mollee McPurrfurr (orange female cat) DOB 8/1/03

Zippee (tabby male cat) DOB 7/03

Curly (all white w/ brown tail Llama) DOB 5/02

Papa Donk (Mediterranean Spotted Ass/Mini Donk) in 30's

Donkey Donk (son to Papa Donk) in 30's

Special thanks to Tracy March & family who is my #1 animal mentor and from whom I've gotten most of my goats.


Silver Spangled Hamburg  6/2011

Salmon Favorelle "Sammy" 6/2011

Salmon Favorelle "Nella" 6/2011

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte 6/2011

Blue Cochin (Standard) "Duchess" 6/2011

White Crested Blue Polish 6/2011

Blue Splash Marans "Lovey Dovey" 6/2013

Golden Campine "Barn/Rogue Mama" 6/2013

Barnevelder "Barnella" 6/2013

Easter Egger "Goldie" 6/2013

Campine/Hamburg cross "Roguette" 

White Crested Black Polish "Cotton Top"  age unk

Little white hen, unk variety "Bobber"  age unk

Austra White "Austra" 6/2017

Blue Ameraucana "Bluebelle #1" 6/2017

Blue Ameraucana "Bluebelle #2" 6/2017

Blue Amereraucana "Pipsqueak" 6/2017

Black Copper Marans "Mara" 6/2017

Jubilee Orpington "Jubee" very rare 6/2017

Lavender Orpington "Lavee" 6/2017

Swedish Flower Hen "Elsa" 6/2017

Speckled Sussex "Susie" 6/2017

Silver Laced Cochin "Countess" 6/2017

Silver Laced Polish Rooster "Pharaoh" 6/17

I've ordered nearly all these specialty chickens from the Meyer Hatchery 

Meyer Hatchery