Flowers for Fur Babies Signs

Flowers for Fur Babies

Hobby with Ripple Effects...

What is my #1 goal with the flowers? Have my hobby benefit animals!

HOWEVER, I have also experienced so many other benefits:

  • Exercise/Stress Reduction
  • Creative Expression
  • Developed new friendships
  • Shared beauty with my neighbors
  • Helped my worksite fund employee events
  • Inspired others to play with flowers
  • Opportunities to show appreciation for people and businesses
  • Get to play random flower fairy

While visiting a friend in another part of WA I saw honor system roadside flower/vegetable stands and wondered if I could do the same. Not wanting to invest much in case it did not work, my first road side stand sign was just crudely painted on  a scrap of wood. Since the concept has proven successful, this winter I improved my signage for year three (see above).

 I don't want to start a business or non-profit as I already have a full time job, and this is just my hobby and I want it to stay fun. However, I would like to expand beyond the roadside stand, which has proven limited by hot/smoky days. 

So far, 100% of all donations given for my flowers have gone to buy pet food for some folks who sometimes need a little extra help feeding their fur babies.

This year I hope to continue the tradition of flowers helping animals. Here are my 3 new options:

1) Contact me for bouquets as needed and cash will be used to buy pet food for the pets of folks in need .

2) Sign up for flower bouquet subscription. You choose the frequency and I will trade you bouquets for proof you have donated equivalent value to animal serving organization of your choice.

3) Contact me to arrange bouquet making workshop for small group. 

I can be reached at fatnhappyfarm@gmail.com

It all started with a book...

My heritage set me up to have an interest in flowers, but I was INSPIRED after reading Erin Benzakein's book: 

"Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms" in 2017...click on yellow button to see the book and check out her stunning website. 

Floret Flower Farm